2012 – High and Lowlights!! Part 2

Ok part 2..

The start of the summer… it was all sorted.. we (Me and Justyna) were getting to Pozo early, we had a video camera and we were set to do some Proper training…

It was looking good.. first day.. place on the beach.. windy.. wavy.. and the camera was ready to record the action…

The problem was this is what we captured on film!!!   Oouuucchhh..   on the first day of filming! She didn’t do much wrong but got a big gust at the top of a forward and landed unluckily!!

Lots of issues with insurances and which hospitals (long story.. but involved no pain killers for a long time) but she kept smiling. Smashed her foot bad..  broke 5 bones and smashed one very badly plus lis franc injury!! Then we were told to just leave it and it might heal but there was a good chance she wouldn’t walk properly again!!

After sending the xrays back to Poland it wasn’t long before it was obvious it was serious and what the doctors had said in the Canaires was total B*llocks. She needed to get operated on and fast. So after a week of waiting in Pozo with some of the worst pain i have ever seen someone go through.. she was flying home!

So with Justyna home with her family it was decided i’d stay out and train for the both of us (Didn’t really work too well as i was too busy thinking of what was going on with her at home) but i did go through with the idea we’d come up with about doing ‘the Pozo training diaries’ Which to be fair worked out really well and i had good feedback from. If you haven’t seen them.. check out the video section on this site! 🙂

The comp went ok and i finished 17th… i didn’t have the best draw and lost to Denel in the single. It was fair enough as i didn’t have a good one and jules sails good. Then in the double i got my act together.. i got through a couple of heats and took down Jonas on my way through. Then i had Kauli.. and he was in no mood to lose to me again (After i beat him a few years ago) and sailed an amazing heat. It was close but he got the nod. I was a bit disappointed with 17th but it could have been worse and i was also doing all the live commentary so it was pretty hectic.

Next up it was over to Tenerife.. now this is an event i really feel i should do well at as these are my conditions. I started off well and took down Jules Denel (yes i had him again) in my first heat. But then i got the worst draw on the board.. Koster!!! Now i dont really mind who i get but Koster is someone you just dont want in those conditions.. Anyway i got knocked out!! Then some how Ross got knocked out early so he was coming through the double and would go against me. It was a tough one and he had a good heat with a nice frontside 360. But i also had a good heat with 2 front side 360’s for some solid wave scores and a really tweaked Pushie. Which won me the heat.. i was stoked. Next up i had Skyeboy which was doable to get me into the top 10. But i didn’t have my best one and Skyeboy had a good one.. I was pretty gutted as that was a good chance for a top 10 result. Still  13th. not bad!

Well against what i thought.. Justyna made her way out for the PWA comp in Tenerife. Still with wires in her foot and in a wheel chair but she made it.. and i have to admit it worked out really well. Nothing bad happened (it came close in her first minutes of arriving.. when a comedy moment of Katie turning round to grab her bag and justyna sped off down the hill with no brakes!!! Dont ask!!) But the whole trip really lifted her spirits and it was a good call… she also got on the mic and did the beach commentary.. which was awesome!!

While all the PWA events had been on, the public had been voting in 10 riders they wanted to see in the REDBULL Storm chase. I ended up  just missing out coming in at 11th place. But as i have since found out 11th is pretty much as good as in!!  We’ve  had a few false alerts and i’ve been in every time as someone couldn’t make it!! Although i have to say it would be much nicer to have an ‘All time conditions chase. rather than a storm chase!! haha

After getting back from Tenerife it was time for Justyna to get her wires out.. so now she would be Wireless and could start to walk again!!! Pretty big moment!!

Next up i was off to Turkey to commentate on the PWA Slalom.. it was an awesome event and i really enjoyed it. I even managed to get out on a bit of Slalom gear (Thanks Kurosh and Gonzo) It was actually pretty fun but my arm were shot after a couple of runs!! haha.. need to get in training if i’m to stage a come back to racing at any point!!