2012 – High and Lowlights!! Part 3

Anyone for part 3? …well here it is if your interested 🙂

More pictures less words…

Even though i went to turkey to do the commentary I still managed to get my hands on a trophy… well its definitely the closest i’ll get to a trophy in Slalom thats for sure. Those guys are about double the speed of me….

As usual the National windsurf festival was awesome.. it just gets bigger and better every year. Simmer had a great stand and i was on there most of the time, so the only race i did this year was the team 15 team race! Unfortunately we didn’t win this year.. but it wasn’t down to my trusty partner or me for that matter! All i’ll say is there was a lot of cheating going on.. mentioning no names Mr Baker!! ha

Next up it was over to Klittyland for the next stop on the PWA wave tour.. now this was definitely an event i thought i could do well in. Long story short.. i messed up!! Lost to Campello in the single after i played it a bit safe! Then hancock beat me in the double.. he sailed pretty good but i didn’t have my best heat. Shame.. but shit happens.. 9th in the single.. finished 17th!

Standard issue in Klitty land.. not a great look… haha

After Klitmoller it was straight down to Sylt… and i have to say i really enjoyed it this year.. It was firing. Some really sweet waves coming through and cross shore winds. Plus for once i was sailing like i know i can.. One problem: Koster!! Arghhhhh… always seem to get him! ..and the crazy thing is i nearly beat him.. i just needed to land my jump!! But i crashed at the beginning of the heat and did something to my arm.. and basically couldn’t hardly grip the boom! I’m not going to go on about it.. but i should of had him!! It was pretty hard to take… 9th in the single 17th in the double!! I hate dropping places like that!

Still Sylt.. 🙂

yes.. still Sylt!

Told you there was some nice waves coming through.. 🙂 Not big but still fun..

Oh yeah.. i also got put back in my box!! haha..

So with Sylt over it was time to head back to the UK for the last rounds of the BWA… but before i went it was time one last sail!!! all i’m going to say is Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Also meanwhile the misses was getting better and better.. now walking and working on her strength/ balance! Such a relief to see 🙂