2012 – High and Lowlights!! Part 4 (last one)

This is the last one of my round ups of 2012..  and i have to say its been a tough year. And when i say tough, i mean it in the way when things dont quite go the way you want. Its been strange…  all the little breaks seem to have gone the other way…  but ho hum thats how it goes sometimes.  Funny thing is i actually feel i’m sailing better…  typical!!   …anyway,  looking forward to it finishing so we can start 2013!!

First night in Tireeeeeeeeeeee… i treated Justyna to a couple of nights in the van. It took me a while but i managed to find one of her smiling!! My god it was freazzzzzzzzzzzing!

Not a lot of wind for most of the week.. so the pro’s ended up doing a few wave clinnics which went down really well. Pic above: me showing how not to do a forward on my 27 storm sail!!!!


We got waves… we got wind.. but it was really offshore..


But you could sail.. it was in fact pretty good just hard to catch waves! They ran the competition as an expression session. Which meant it wouldn’t count for the overall. Super bad news for me as i needed it to count to get an overall discard. Even more annoying as we ran it like a proper comp.. as in the whole wave scoring not just a move!


Some how i made it out of this!!! haha


I won!!! Not official for the overall but still enough to claim the Tiree title! Maybe my luck was changing..


An emotional return to the water.. they are tears of joy!! So good to see… 🙂 crazy thing is, she borrowed my kit and entered the comp. Ended up 3rd.. nearly won!!!  ..and got the highest scoring wave!! The come back was on!


Sunny Tiree…

Due to the lack of wind i’d only gone and got my self up the duff!!! 🙂


After giving birth it was straight down to cornwall for some small surf action.. and i needed a miracle!! I needed to win.. Hancock 3rd and Horrocks outside the top 6!!! Easy!!


Oh my god.. it could happen!!! We finished in the dark.. Horrocks was out early.Mme and Jamie in a 4 man final… and i really thought i sailed good. Also Jamie wasn’t happy.. I had my fingers crossed.. could it all be turning round????


Errrr… No!! ..dont be stupid!! They decided that they wouldn’t announce the result and if it was good condition in the morning they would re sail it. It was good the next morning i had a shocker ended up 4th.. jamie won.. Game over… Hannock wins!! I managed to come back to 3rd in the double.. just losing to Coxy. Which cost me 2nd overall by 0.3!!! haha.. like i said bring on 2013!!


Well she came back.. but couldn’t quite hold on to the overall. 2nd place though!!!!! i wasn’t expecting her to be walking… never mind sailing.. never mind competing!!! it was amazing… really proud of her.. all though she needs a new caddy… i’m the worst caddy!! i get too nervous.. worse than actually sailing!!


So nothing else to do… apart from jet off to see the kangarooooooo!!! Flights are booked.. Boys get the hot tun fired up!!!!