I have a new toy :)

… A GOPRO 3+  all ready for Australia..  Boom!

GoPRO 3 +

Well i owe a Massive, massive thanks to  who, after seeing i was using the old GoPro got in contact and upgraded me to the GOPRO3 +  Oh yeah baby! ..Super happy!!
Whats the catch? ..Well obviously he wants me to spread the word about ‘Tech Trial’  Errrrrr…  No Problem!
To help with this Tech Trial will also offer a  ‘Special..  or Tailored price :)’ to anyone getting in contact and mentioning my name or code: ‘PROFFITT’ …Simple!
He is obviously a top chap 🙂  …but he also knows his stuff and said he is more than happy to advise/help on any products your interested in…  Just email:

The Website is due an update so not all the stuff is on there but he can pretty much get hold of most things gadgety..

2013-12-02 09.28.23 pm
So action cams.. GO Pro’s, drifts etc  Cameras, phones, tablets, TV’s etc…   whatever you need just give him a shout as it doesn’t hurt to ask the question.
He’s even got The Phantom RTF quadcopter..  which i’m definitely keen to get my hands on 🙂2013-12-02 09.24.02 pm

Also Tech Trial offers (as the name suggests) Tech on trial (on selected items).. see here for details..

2013-12-02 09.28.53 pm

Basically you can order it, use it and if you don’t want it you would just pay for the rental of the product! Pretty cool 🙂

So that’s my bit of good news today..  i’ll be back with more updates!

Also i would really appreciate ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ as it really helps me out… Please feel free to pass the word on as well:)  You have nothing to lose by emailing him and seeing what he can do! 🙂

Cheers guys
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